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Everyone's Talking About Refuel


Built in 2005, Guthrie saw an opportunity to use his talents in home restoration and property development to transform this location from the ground up. His personality and tasteful aesthetic are everywhere you look.    

But renovating the building got him thinking more about all the possibilities for the space. What did the neighborhood need? What was missing that he could create and provide? And that is how the concept for Refuel began.

Guthrie focused on creating a restaurant Uptowners would appreciate. As an art lover, inspiration also came from Suk Ja Kang paintings purchased from his sister's gallery, Guthrie Contemporary.

A chef-created menu followed that inspiration so the food would be as pleasing as the surroundings.

Refuel Café opened in 2006 with delicious coffee and entrees to riverbend residents hungry for something light, fresh, and different.

Refuel's slow cooked, creamy grits were an early favorite on the menu and now have a reputation all their own around town. They are definitely a hit with customers (us too)! Other favorites include the Huevos Rancheros, the Cuban, Belgian Waffles, and palmiers. Come in and try them all!

We strive to serve items free of trans-fats and corn syrup, right down to the jelly packets on the tables!

News of Refuel quickly spread Uptown and to the hometowns of many visitors to the city. Refuel is one of the best spots in New Orleans for weekend brunch.

We love our customers! We love their comments! Check out Refuel's page on these popular review sites!

You'll notice some common themes in the comments:

  • We have the BEST creamy grits in New Orleans.

  • Fresh and delicious food, wonderful coffees and teas.

  • Our lines can be long, but worth the wait.

  • First timers don't always understand the drill: Come in, order, and THEN take a seat. During our busiest times this gives all customers plenty of time to enjoy their meal and just as they are leaving it opens the table for the customer who has just ordered.